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Artscope Magazine Eblast, September 2014

siteCHUNKS at Room 83 Spring
in Watertown, Massachusetts, 2014

Organized chaos and planned happenstance are currently being tamed by the folks at room 83 Spring. The current exhibition to kick off the fall season is full of humor, homage and editorial wit that may be more intentional than what appears in the gallery. Of the sculptures, paintings and installations on display in siteCHUNKS, room 83 Spring said, "The improvisational immediacy is a hook that reveals a studied, intentional and deeply rooted practice common to all three artists." Bailey Bob Bailey, Liza Bingham and Kirstin Lamb ask viewers to consider what we see, as well as what we don't see, a combination that is sure to stun any audience. The vibrant street sign sculptures of Bailey Bob Bailey are full of colored wonderment, from the tops of their metaled apexes down to the punch packed in their boxing gloves. Liza Bingham's paintings push the envelope of form, altering a silhouetted shape from piece to piece. These works call to attention the theme of fore-middle-background and take place within a narrative of "claimed" space. Kirstin Lamb's staged compositions feature acrylic prop-paintings and miniature gouache paintings that retain their relevance by taking on ideas of death of painting or a kind of comedic curation-as-painting.

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